We all have been made in the image of almighty God. The honor and love of God have to be celebrated worldwide! God did not create segregations but HE Has united us in the holy spirit. Of course it is the choice that any human beings can make but we know that there is not preference between good and bad doing. This last must be ignored and abandoned adequately. It is undoubtedly that we all have to lean on God commandments. If God died for everyone then it is for everyone to understand this gift that we received for free.

During the past war conflict, a lot of evil things have happened! The most people lost their lives and others suffer from the impacts of that war. There are for example some people who were wounded and that did not get opportunities to be treated accordingly and this has huge impacts in their lives. This is an opportunity to launch the call to the organizations to proconize people as you who take such initiatives in the communities and I thank this occasion to take you and any person or organization that is involved in helping us.

Such opportunity in the community is not a doubt but it is a demonstration of the defense of peace in the community and avoids much in the lives of young people and gives many benefits in their lives! Young people’s lives are not easy not only in Africa but around the world. The agenda does not only show the agenda. Being together is not important either, but the reasons for being together are the most important ones. I ask CFB SHARP BOYS to increase such activities, occupations or opportunities, which will keep many young people busy. I would like to remind young people that they should join such opportunities rather than being involved or wasting time in useless things.