Invest in the Future in better future world is to invest in Children

Children are the assets of the future, future world is in the hands of Children

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Fees and cares to care for community.Education opportunities Community Empowerment


Donations for fees and cares for children and youths, adults for a month to facilitates organizing full activities, Organizing football matches ,Tournament matches meeting, Training or coaching, Referee training, courses, Facilitations for football fields or grounds tresses etc

€90 /month

Fees and cares for children and youths to attend preschool, Schools, Training, related to their identified talents and recognition. Programs of giving give hope to the vulnerable adults people, orphan children, widows women and farming programs.


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Your impact on future world

Global Talent Care for children as for adults either vulnerable or not is a way to own your impact on future world through a transparence connection and a monthly donation. The donations you make either tangible or intangible have absolutely demonstrable tangible outcomes.

Global Talent Care in the Communities

Global Talent Care for community is not only where to gain opportunity to identify your Talents and differentiate them from Skills but to help you to improve your performance, as well as to orient you according to individual situation and help you to adopt appropriate way to evolve, implement these assets and to meet your expectations accordingly, but is also where you build up and enjoy relationship with direct environment, indirect environment and enlarge your network with right people.

Invest in transparent projects, owning your impacts

The words of donators, supporters and participants

SPONSOR: It is for everyone not a philosophy but a reality to see the results of any initiative in the societies. Child is child but the way these children are caring is different continent to continent. I cannot miss to value such implementation of such initiative in the communities as sponsor. It is so nice to invest in a wise charity organization that undoubtedly uses its resources consciously not only for communities and their impacts but also for you as sponsor.

INVERSTOR: As a investor, it undoubtedly to for everyone to see the outcome of investment! I cannot miss to emphasize on the value of such projects in the communities! Life has been given for free for everyone but the way this life is treated is totally different continent to continent! The impact of social and development should be anticipated and all previsions mechanisms should be identified and implemented in order to prevent any obstacles may influence children, people for sociologically, development and future life..

Pasteur M. J. Joel Being human there is no other thing to desire as to have God in your life. Knowing that our life has been already directed before our first birth day, it is very important for any human being. Life foundation is the cross where the blood of our savior has been shied for anyone so that we may not perish but we may inherit an everlasting life. The implementation of such activities in the communities is of course the result of sustain the peace in the direct environment but also in the rest parts of the world. If all would lean on making the inspirations, we will still in smiling of the outcome which should be opposite of if we should lean on the global changes then there will be in the frequencies of these changes, the progressives and abundantly peace.