TOP HOOP is an international program that Globaltalentscare implements in communities around the world to emphasize how wonderful it is to recognize the creator, the God of TALENTS and the hopes of nations. Because of Globaltalentscare’s mission and vision, we are not involved in politics or religion aspects, but according to our plans we work together with different organizations such as churches, governments, schools … these are the most authorities that have more impact on the reputation of the community. Being human plays an important role, not only in the immediate environment, but also in the indirect environment. It is necessary for everyone to understand the intention of GOD! He made everyone in his image. Moreover, the Bible proves that he only said and it happened as He said! This is proof that she has the last word.



The book of Isaiah is a book that makes people who real follow God to be strong! God is not a person! The ways of God are many than us as people we imagine. He behave in mysterious ways and his acts are never compared with that of a human.  ISAIAH 51: 1-12 

Us as human in this world, we have to think deeper and reflect on our acts. The life of following God seems to be simple, but remember, the Bible remembers us the following: Matthew 16:24

In this chapter of Matthew we understand quit clear that we have to deny ourselves so that we may become the follower of Jesus Christ. Luke 14: 27 

You may read these chapters and seems to be impossible for you to become follower of God. This may absolute not discourage you! Remember God’s power, God’s love.  God has accomplished all for everyone who accepts Him as his personal seviour and in addition to that will never be ashamed. God’s ways are clear and so easier and combined in His ten commandments.

 Hebrews 11:5-8