TOP HOOP is an international program that Globaltalentscare implements in communities around the world to emphasize how wonderful it is to recognize the creator, the God of TALENTS and the hopes of nations. Because of Globaltalentscare’s mission and vision, we are not involved in politics or religion aspects, but according to our plans we work together with different organizations such as churches, governments, schools … these are the most authorities that have more impact on the reputation of the community. Being human plays an important role, not only in the immediate environment, but also in the indirect environment. It is necessary for everyone to understand the intention of GOD! He made everyone in his image. Moreover, the Bible proves that he only said and it happened as He said! This is proof that she has the last word.



Jesus moved by an invisible courage and once, they exert a considerable influence on society which is good reputation that any human being should be involved in. If we look through years, we see a lot of changes and other use a therm as development or improvement! In opposed, men say the world has changed! The last ones both sound very positive but the question is, are all experiencing or are we being influenced real by the meaning of these words? Of course as the Bible already predicted, at the end of the world, we will see a lot of changes. These changes will be translated in different contexts according to how any human analyses.

Who will have chance are who will be guided by the Holy Spirit! To be clear as the Bible is clear we should all lean and make all expectations in the tragedies of the centuries. The parables of Jesus which present the successive stages and the different facets of the divine plan of redemption!

The victory that Jesus has proved, it is not in manner to say that it was but it is and it will internal remain the same. John 16:33.

The Church is the way that God has chosen to make salvation known to men. It was established to serve, established for the mission of proclaiming the gospel. From the beginning, God formed the desire to reveal through it his power and fullness. Called from the dark to its marvelous light, the men who compose it must reflect its glory. The Church is the depositary of the riches of the grace of Christ; it is through the church that the love of God will finally manifest itself in a powerful and decisive way to oppressions and authorities in celestial places.

Exodus 20: 1-17

The marvelous promises of the scriptures concerning the church are countless! Speaking in the name of almighty, Ésaïe expressed in the thermes ” My house will be called a house of prays for all people”.

Acts 2: 47

Matthew 16:18 & 18-17