TOP HOOP is an international program that Globaltalentscare implements in communities around the world to emphasize how wonderful it is to recognize the creator, the God of TALENTS and the hopes of nations. Because of Globaltalentscare’s mission and vision, we are not involved in politics or religion aspects, but according to our plans we work together with different organizations such as churches, governments, schools … these are the most authorities that have more impact on the reputation of the community. Being human plays an important role, not only in the immediate environment, but also in the indirect environment. It is necessary for everyone to understand the intention of GOD! He made everyone in his image. Moreover, the Bible proves that he only said and it happened as He said! This is proof that she has the last word.

BEYOND HOPE is an international program in collaboration that Globaltalentscare implements in the communities worldwide to emphasize how it is wonderful to recognize the everlasting  God and the creator of TALENTS. Due to the Glaobaltalentscare’s mission and vision we do not lean on any politic or religions aspects. Furthermore, due to our planning we working with different organizations include: Churhes, Governments, Schools… these are the most authorities that have more impacts on community’s reputations